your Eyes


Quick Releif from Eye Fatigue

Our eyes, constantly exposed to electronic devices, pollution, dust, harsh sunlight and indoor lights,deserve a relaxing break once in a while.

Conveneint, Effective & Attractive sleep eye masks

Yeez, brings you, easy to carry, disposable Warm Eye Masks, to help you relax your Eyes, on the move,be it in your Cab drive, Flight or at a Office Break and of course at your bed time.

Get rid of eye Stress & tension

Instant benefit of Yeez Warm Eye Mask can be felt by the soothing effect it provides surrounding your Eye area as soon as it warms up.

  • Improves Blood Circulation around Eye Area
  • Relieves Eye Fatigue
  • Improves Eye lubrication
  • Helps to fall asleep quickly
  • May help in reducing dark circles around Eyes

How to use Warm Eye Mask

How to use
  • Open the pouch and take out  Eye Mask
  • Tear across perforated line and release ear straps
  • Place mask on closed eyes and strap around ears
  • Experience comfortable 40°C heat for about 20 min

working principle of Warm Eye Mask

How it Works crop

Yeez warm eye masks uses the advanced spontaneous heat temperature control technology.

Once out from the pouch, the Heating materials react to oxygen and convert chemical energy to heat, producing soothing warm effect for your e