Time to your Eyes

Warm Sleep Eye Masks for your Precious Eyes

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We spend an average of 4.5 hrs per day on electronic screens

Our eyes, constantly exposed to electronic devices, pollution, dust, harsh sunlight and indoor lights,deserve a relaxing break once in a while.

Conveneint, Effective & Attractive

Yeez, brings to you, easy to carry, disposable Warm Eye Masks, which heats up to comfortable 40°C, and maintains the warmth for more than 20 mins.

This helps you to Relieve Stress, Relax
and Brighten up tired Eyes


Instant benefits of Yeez Warm Eye Mask can be felt by the soothing effect it provides surrounding your Eye area, as soon as it warms up.

  • Improves Blood Circulation around Eye Area
  • Relieves Eye Fatigue
  • Improves Eye lubrication
  • Helps to fall asleep quickly
  • May help in reducing dark circles around Eyes
How to use Warm Sleep Eye Mask
How to use
  • Open the pouch and take out  Eye Mask
  • Tear across perforated line and release ear straps
  • Place mask on closed eyes and strap around ears
  • Experience comfortable 40°C heat for about 20 min
working principle of Steam Eye Mask
How it Works crop

Yeez warm eye masks uses the advanced spontaneous heat temperature control technology.

Once out from the pouch, the Heating materials react to oxygen and convert chemical energy to heat, producing soothing warm effect for your eyes



Most frequent questions and answers

Yeez Warm Eye Masks is designed to emit heat up to 40°C which lasts for approximately 20 mins. It has been tested and certified to be Safe

However if you feel the heat to be too hot or experience discomfort,discontinue using the mask immediately.

Yeez Warm Eye Mask is designed for one time use only. Kindly dispose thereafter

The normal eye masks are often called as sleep eye mask, night eye mask, travel eye mask,eye mask for sleep etc. which are either made of fabric,polyester polyurethane foam or cotton,and are usable and washable.

But Yeez Warm Eye Masks are designed to generate warmth, easy to carry, disposable and for one time use only.

  • Do not use the mask while wearing contact lens
  • Do not use while administering eye drops, give gap of 20 mins
  • Do not use it with other eye masks
  • Avoid using the mask if you have illness, recent eye injury ,swelling, eczema
  • Don’t use the mask if the pouch is torn or contents leaked
  • Stop using the mask if you feel any discomfort