Warm Sleep Eye Masks

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You, and only you know, how tired and exhausted your precious eyes feel after a long hectic day.

You wish you had an instant solution, like instant coffee, to relieve your Eye stress.

Good news, for the always busy You, Yeez has introduced super awesome Warm Eye Mask, which warms the area surrounding your eyes for instant relaxation and relieving that eye fatigue, and helping you fall asleep.

7 piece of Warm Sleep Eye Masks in 1 Box

We all have heard about the eye masks, often called a sleep eye mask, night eye mask, travel eye mask etc, used to block light and aid us, in our sleep. These masks have proved to be very effective and have won a lot of praise.

Now imagine, the same mask powered with the ability to generate a comfortable heat, which, allows you to enjoy the warmth and aids you to release the tension built up around your eyes.

Yeez, has brought this imagination to life by sourcing the best of the best Warm Eye Mask with the highest quality to serve you in relaxing your tired Eyes

Just open the pouch, when you need to use the mask, place it on your closed eyes using the soft and comfortable ear straps, wait for the mask to warm up and enjoy the warmth.




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